Plank is your public family office!

Plank is a public platform for investing in and acquiring internet software companies that have high growth potential and proven capabilities to sell services into the marketplace. We invest primarily in business to business software as a service (b2b SaaS) in a variety of verticals. Our vision is to find entrepreneurs that want to build strong companies with sticky recurring revenue streams that we can help scale with capital, experience and our networks.

Why invest with Plank?

The group behind Plank are entrepreneurs and angel investors that have the hard won wisdom, knowledge and passion to invest and scale great companies. We put our money where our mouth is… nearly all investment since the creation of Plank has been funded by the CEO and key investors in the company. We enjoy finding and building great teams, supporting innovative and driven entrepreneurs, solving structural challenges and ultimately creating WINNING companies!

Public investors often only get to participate in high growth companies only when the insiders, venture capitalists and investment bankers are ready to take the business public. This is your opportunity to invest as an angel investor without being locked up for 5-10+ years or qualify as an accredited investor. Plank provides you the flexibility to invest and exit at your own pace while investing in people that are building the next generation of internet software that we will all be using in our businesses and our lives.

Financials / SEDAR

After some simple diligency, we'll close the deal within 30 days.

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